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Our free Emissions Management platform API helps companies track and manage their carbon footprint.

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Carbon accounting

Carbon footprint and emissions calculator APIs designed for ERP integrations.

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Data management

Integrate climate and sustainability tracking data with your business intelligence tools.

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Personal emissions

Automate personal and household emissions tracking.

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Our APIs are securely engineered, easy to use, and designed to handle a variety of use cases. Combining a mix of granular API calls with a set of common use cases, we’ve made it easy to quickly automate your sustainability, climate, and carbon accounting data and processes.

POST /api/emission
"id": "16833741-33a0-437c-9c82-368bed96b7f6",
"from": "562b5682-7861-49ac-ad60-074fe12ddac2",
"to": "7d334e64-d0d3-4941-be6c-f59facf781d6",
"unit": "grams",
"source": "employee commuting",
"scope": "3",
"location": "NJ",
"amount": 314.55

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