API Security

At Sustain.Life, we take security seriously. Customers trust us with their sustainability data, and we protect it using best-in-class tools, training, techniques, and platforms.

Data encryption​

User security & key management​

  • All customer accounts are managed by Azure Active Directory & Azure AADB2C

  • API key management tied to customer AADB2C accounts with Azure API Management

  • Least privileged access model to enforce consistent permissioning​

Usage monitoring​

  • Azure API Management used for privileges, throttling, and caching to ensure high availability to the end user​

  • 24x7 on-call handled by the engineering team to ensure stability​

Best practices

  • Penetration testing to proactively discover potential security risks​

  • Continuous source code analysis for known vulnerabilities and copyright compliance

For additional details, please schedule a call with our security team.