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API Use Cases

Feature 1

Carbon Accounting

Leverage existing data sources to measure and track company emissions.

Feature 2

Personal Emissions

Calculate personal, household and/or employee-level emissions.

Feature 3

Supply Chain

Quantify environmental impact of vendors inside supply chains.

Feature 1

Utility Data

Track water usage, waste, heating and cooling and more.

Feature 2

Finance & Accounting

Integrate with existing ERP systems to quantify emissions.

Feature 3

Something else?

Our APIs are designed to tackle a wide range of uses cases. Explore here.


The API partner for leading companies

“We’re delighted to work with Sustain.Life to offer their carbon measurement capability to our IMPACT investors. The collaboration further enables our IMPACT investors to actualize their commitment to taking meaningful carbon action”

- Edward Soffer, ESG Manager at Interactive Brokers

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